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Figuring out the exact colour needed for your replacement can be tricky. Luckily we have a handy colour chart and a list of individual colours below, that you can use a guide. If you let us know what colour you require, along with measurements of the item you want to a replace, we can provide a free no obligation quote for you. Plus, if you attach a photo we will be able to provide even more detail to you. We can provide an official quote straight to your inbox, don’t forget you can always pick up the phone and speak to one of our experts too on 01977 651 876.

Our selection of bathroom colours

1. Champagne
2. Ivory / Pergamon
3. Bamboo
4. Almond
5. Whisper Cream
6. Whisper Peach
7. Cameo
8. Pompadour
9. Flamingo
10. Orchid
11. Tahiti
12. Shell Pink
13. Whisper Pink
14. Soft Cream
15. Sun King
16. Harvest Gold
17. Primrose
18. Penthouse Blue
19. Midnight Blue
20. Sorrento Blue
21. Alpine Blue
22. Bermuda Blue
23. Sky Blue
24. Armitage Blue
25. Cornflower Blue
26. Whisper Blue
27. Penthouse Green
28. Wild Sage
29. Avocado
30. Wychelm
31. Linden Green
32. Pampas
33. Savannah
34. Jade Green
35. Turquoise
36. Light Green
37. Whisper Green
38. Sepia
39. Bali Brown
40. Mink
41. Penthouse Brown
42. Autumn Tan
43. Gazzelle
44. Sable
45. Kashmir Beige
46. Sandalwood
47. Honeysuckle
48. Whisky
49. Silver Fox
50. Whisper Grey
51. Black
52. Burgundy
53. Imperial Purple
54. Damask
55. Burgundy/Champagne
56. Harlequin Avocado
57. Harlequin Sandalwood
58. Blush
59. Harlequin Pampas
60. Camellia Pink